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Free Consultation (303) 993-4323
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Denver Small Business Litigation Lawyer

When a small business needs to hire an attorney to protect their rights against another business, the decision is purely an economic one.  Sure, you can hire an attorney by the hour and use the fees to balance your books at the end of the year or the quarter, but think about what hiring an attorney at $350 per hour can do to your cash flow and bottom line.

In certain cases where there has been an economic loss to your business as a result of an individual or another business, The Fang Law Firm may be able to handle your case on contingency. This means that you don’t pay attorneys fees to the law firm unless we obtain a recovery for you. This will allow you to keep running your business while the Denver small business litigation attorneys at The Fang Law Firm fight aggressively to protect your rights and hold accountable those who have injured what you worked so hard to create.

The ability for individuals and sometimes other businesses to harm your business online has never been greater or easier.  Bad reviews can harm almost any business.  Many of these reviews are justified, and it is difficult to argue with a person’s opinion in an open forum, but if the review is false or misleading or was not written by a customer or someone associated with your business, the law is designed to protect you.  The damage that these reviews cost and the cost to re-create a clean public image can be recovered if the person or business behind the false review is held accountable.

Contact a Denver Small Business Litigation Lawyer

Only a dedicated Denver small business litigation lawyer can get to the truth and argue to a judge or jury that the conduct was wrongful. From defamation to false reviews on Google and Yelp! to interference with contract and other harms, The Fang Law Firm offers a free consultation to owners of small businesses in Colorado.  If your business has experienced a loss that you believe to be wrongful, call us today.