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Denver Autonomous Vehicle Injury Attorney

The emergence of autonomous vehicle technology is revolutionizing the transportation industry. According to an article in Money magazine, General Motors intends to release a fully autonomous electric car with no steering wheel or pedals in 2019.

As companies such as General Motors, Uber, Google, and Tesla begin to implement this new technology, new legal issues arise concerning liability for injuries caused in a traffic crash. After an autonomous vehicle accident with injuries, contact the Denver autonomous vehicle accident lawyers at Fang Law Firm for the experienced legal representation you need.

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What Are Autonomous Vehicles?

Autonomous vehicles are self-driving cars. This type of automobile can drive itself from a starting point to a predetermined destination using various sensors and in-vehicle technologies. Self-driving cars use:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Active steering (by wire)
  • Anti-lock brake by wire systems
  • GPS navigation technology
  • Lasers and radar

Autonomous Vehicle Accidents

Most traffic crashes are caused by driver error. The hope for autonomous vehicles is that they will significantly reduce car accidents and resulting injuries and fatalities. However, there have already been several serious accidents involving autonomous vehicles, as discussed in a Digital Trends article:

  • July 2015: A Google Lexus SUV was the first self-driving car involved in a crash that injured a person. The car was rear-ended by another vehicle with three Google employees on board.
  • January 2016: A Tesla Model S was involved in the first fatal crash in a semi-autonomous car. While in autopilot mode, the sedan crashed into a cleaning vehicle causing the death of the Model S driver.
  • February 2016: A Google self-driving Lexus SUV was involved in a non-fatal accident with a bus in Silicon Valley. After stopping to avoid an obstacle, the autonomous car struck the side of the bus while merging back into traffic.
  • May 2016: A Tesla Model S accident caused the first U.S. death involving a semi-autonomous car. The car’s sensors failed to recognize an 18-wheeler crossing the highway. The Model S drove full speed under the trailer.
  • March 2018: An Uber self-driving Volvo hit and killed a pedestrian who was crossing the road with her bicycle. The Uber test driver was watching Hulu until half a second before the crash.
  • March 2018: Less than a week after the Uber car crash, a Tesla Model X semi-autonomous vehicle crashed, killing the driver. The car collided with the concrete divider in the road.

Who Is Liable for Self-Driving Car Accident Injuries?

Liability in autonomous car accidents is a complex issue. It could depend on several factors, including the extent of automated systems installed in the vehicle, how the driver interacts with vehicle systems, and how much control is ceded to the systems versus the driver. Manufacturers may be held liable in the future for accidents caused by autonomous vehicles in which all driver control is ceded to automated systems. When vehicles require human control in emergency situations, at-fault drivers may be liable for accidents and injuries.

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