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Navigating the Car Accident Claims Process in Denver: Step-by-Step Guide


How To Navigate The Car Accident Claim ProcessCar accidents occur frequently in Denver and throughout Colorado. It is important to know what to do if you get involved in an automobile accident. There are steps you should take to properly navigate the car accident claims process for the best possible results. Keep in mind that every case is unique; protect your rights by discussing your specific case with an experienced Denver car accident attorney.

Take the Right Steps After the Accident

Before you can file an insurance claim to pursue financial compensation, you will need to take certain actions at the scene of your accident. This includes:

  1. Get medical care immediately for any injuries.
  2. Call the police to report the collision and receive a police report.
  3. Exchange information with the other driver.
  4. Write down the names of any witnesses.
  5. Take photos and videos at the scene of the crash.

Do your best to document the scene, but put your health and safety first. Do not delay in seeking medical attention, even if you initially feel fine.

Gather Insurance Information

Ask for the other driver’s car insurance information at the scene of your accident. Write down the name of the insurance company and the driver’s policy number. If you cannot ask at the scene, file a claim with your own insurance company. Your insurer can contact the other driver’s carrier to initiate a claim.

All drivers in Colorado are required to carry at least $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident in bodily injury or death liability insurance, as well as $15,000 in property damage insurance. You can access this coverage on another driver’s policy if he or she is at fault for your collision. If the other driver is uninsured or underinsured, report this to the police and file a claim with your own insurer.

Understand Colorado’s Car Accident Laws

Colorado is a fault-based car accident state. Under this insurance rule, the driver or person at fault for causing an accident is responsible for paying for a victim’s bills and losses. If you file a claim with another driver’s car insurance company, however, you must prove fault. You may need to submit evidence such as a police report and eyewitness statements to support your claim.

File a Claim

Begin the car accident claims process by contacting the other driver’s insurer to report the accident and seek financial compensation. Do not admit fault or give the insurance claims adjuster assigned to your case a recorded statement. Once a claim is filed, the insurance company will investigate the crash. They may ask you for further information or proof of your losses, such as medical records.

Negotiate With an Insurance Claims Adjuster

If the insurer accepts your claim, you will be offered a settlement. It is generally not in your best interest to accept the first settlement offer without consulting with a car accident lawyer. An insurance company may try to take advantage of you by offering less than your case is worth to quickly close the claim. If an insurer does not accept liability for the accident and rejects your claim, an attorney can help you appeal the decision or file a personal injury lawsuit.

Know When to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Denver

If you were involved in a minor collision, you can most likely handle the insurance claims process yourself and receive a fair settlement. If you suffered serious injuries or encounter challenges during your case, however, such as a denial of liability by the insurer, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney in Denver for assistance.