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What Are the Top Reasons for Insurance Denials?

October 23, 2020
An insurance claim can be an arduous process. Whether you were at fault for the accident or not, an insurance company may not make it easy to obtain the compensation or benefits you deserve. An insurance provider may give you many reasons for denying your claim – some valid, others not. It is important...
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Where Do Most Car Accidents Occur?

October 16, 2020
A car accident can happen anywhere: on the way to work, in a grocery store parking lot or your own neighborhood. Some places are more likely to become the settings of car accidents in Denver than others, however. Staying vigilant while driving in the most common places where accidents occur could help you avoid...
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Types of Torts

October 9, 2020
Tort is the legal term for a type of wrongdoing, misconduct or breach of rights. Under the rules of civil liability, if one person’s tort gives someone else a personal injury, the person guilty of the tort will owe the victim financial compensation. It is important to know the types of torts in Colorado....
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[Study] The Most Dangerous School Zones in Denver

October 1, 2020
Last November, tragedy struck in Fort Collins as a 6-year-old kindergarten student was hit and killed by a vehicle while using a crosswalk near Lopez Elementary School. There was no crossing guard present at this intersection. While this incident is a parent’s worst nightmare, the sad truth is that it is not an isolated...
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What Is an Anoxic Brain Injury?

September 28, 2020
The two main categories of brain injuries are traumatic and acquired. A traumatic brain injury happens from an external force, such as a blow to the head. Acquired brain injuries come from internal problems, such as lack of oxygen to the brain. When an acquired brain injury cuts off the brain’s oxygen supply entirely,...
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