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5 Things You Should Know if Joining a Class Action Lawsuit

May 19, 2024

A class action lawsuit takes place between multiple plaintiffs (known as the “class”) and a single, shared defendant. Class actions are most often brought against large companies or corporations for issues such as defective products, fraud and environmental torts. If you are considering joining a class action lawsuit in Colorado, find out what this might entail.

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You Will Have Little Involvement in Your Case

If you join a class action lawsuit, you will become a member of the class. You will be represented by the team of attorneys who are acting as class counsel. While you will retain the right to object to decisions made in the lawsuit, your participation in the case as part of the class will most likely be limited.

The counsel representing the class may ask you to fulfill certain obligations, such as providing information about your part of the case, giving testimony to support the lawsuit, and attending meetings or hearings. However, in most cases, participation by the members of the class is minimal.

Your Compensation Will Be Limited

Unlike a standard personal injury lawsuit, a class action involves multiple plaintiffs – sometimes, in the hundreds or even thousands. While there is strength in numbers, this also means that any financial compensation obtained through the class action will be divided among all the plaintiffs.

The large number of plaintiffs means the payout for winning a class action is typically lower than in an individual claim. However, the benefit of a class action is that it gives plaintiffs who may not have the money or time to bring an individual lawsuit against a powerful defendant the chance to hold someone accountable.

The Costs of a Class Action Are Lower

The legal fees for joining a class action lawsuit are typically minimal. Many claimants do not have to pay anything to recover compensation after joining a class action. This makes a class action a desirable choice for plaintiffs who do not have the resources on their own to go up against a defendant – especially a company that has unlimited resources to fight liability.

Class Actions Can Take Longer Than Individual Suits

People who participate in a class action lawsuit are warned to be patient. Cases that are not appealed after the final ruling can take six months to one year or longer from start to finish. If an appeal is filed, the timeline will be extended. The number of claimants and the amount of information involved in a class action lawsuit can make these cases take longer.

You Must Join a Class Action Within a Deadline

If you receive a notice – typically by mail or email – regarding a class action that may involve you, don’t take too long to decide whether or not you wish to join. Pay attention to the deadline listed on the class action lawsuit. If you miss your deadline to join, you most likely will not be able to join later or pursue any additional legal action against the defendant for the same injury or loss.

Considering Joining a Class Action? Contact Us for a Free Case Evaluation

It is important to carefully weigh the pros and cons of joining a class action lawsuit before you make your decision. While there are potential downsides to a class action, it may be the best or only option for you to recover compensation for a legal dispute, depending on the circumstances.

Class actions are designed to help claimants get reimbursed when it might otherwise be impossible to win a separate lawsuit. For more information about a class action suit, contact the Denver injury lawyers at The Fang Law Firm for a free case consultation.