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Workers’ Compensation

Colorado Workers’ Compensation Law

September 29, 2022
Workers’ compensation laws in this state were established through the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act of 1915. The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DOWC) oversees this system that requires just about every employer in the state to carry workers’ comp coverage. There are very few exceptions to which employers do not have to carry this coverage...
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The Pros and Cons of Workers’ Compensation

September 26, 2022
When individuals sustain on-the-job injuries in Colorado, they will typically be able to receive workers’ compensation insurance period this type of insurance is mandatory for nearly every employer in the state and will generally pay medical bills and a significant portion of lost wages if a person is unable to work while recovering. However,...
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What is an Independent Medical Examination?

August 16, 2022
You may be seeking compensation through a workman’s compensation claim upon being injured in the workplace. Or maybe you are simply trying to recover compensation through another type of personal injury claim. Regardless of the circumstances, in these situations, defendants are rarely willing to offer maximum compensation without first receiving significant evidence from you,...
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Do You Need to Take a Drug Test to Get Workers’ Comp in Colorado?

April 20, 2022
Employers in Colorado have the right to require employees to take drug tests for many reasons – or no reason at all. Employers can implement drug testing during the job application process, at random and after workplace accidents. An employer also has the right to require drug testing when a worker files for workers’...
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Can I Claim Workers’ Compensation for Defective Equipment?

April 18, 2022
Every day, a worker is injured or killed on the job in America. According to data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 5,333 workers died in 2019. Millions of other workers suffered serious injuries. Among these accidents are those involving heavy machinery and equipment. While many equipment incidents are caused by human errors...
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