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August 2022

What Are Defenses to Personal Injury Claims?

August 31, 2022
If you are considering filing a personal injury claim against a negligent party, you should only do so if you believe you have a real chance of winning. Defendants often have capable lawyers who understand how to fight claims against their clients, so you will need to understand what defenses they could use to...
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What is Admissible Evidence?

August 30, 2022
All court cases involve parties showcasing evidence to prove their side. To ensure that trials are fair, only certain kinds of evidence are considered “admissible.” In general, admissible evidence is anything that is relevant to the case, material, and competent. Therefore, if you have evidence of your claim that does not fall into all...
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Motion to Dismiss vs Motion for Summary Judgment

August 29, 2022
If you are filing a legal claim against another party, you should be aware that they may have the opportunity to stop you from doing so. Through a motion to dismiss or motion for summary, your claim could be stopped in its tracks. This is an unfortunate reality, but that does not mean you...
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How to Collect a Civil Judgement Award in Colorado

August 26, 2022
Civil court cases are typically levied against defendants in order to claim compensation from them. When these cases are unable to be settled outside of court, a judge or jury must decide the outcome. Depending on how well you can argue your case, you may be able to win a civil judgment through this...
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Types of Impacts in Car Accidents

August 24, 2022
Car crashes cause harm in a multitude of ways. Usually, the damage they cause involves some form of impact. In a single crash, many different types of impacts can occur. We believe you should be aware of every type of impact, especially if you are currently engaged in a personal injury claim. What is...
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