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October 2019

Halloween Safety Tips

October 28, 2019
It is that time of year again – time to find a costume, attend Halloween parties and take your kids trick-or-treating. The scariest part of Halloween, however, should not be a personal injury. Thousands of families spend the holiday in hospitals and emergency rooms due to often-preventable accidents. This year, avoid injuries by making...
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Types of Brain Injuries From Car Accidents

October 21, 2019
One of the most common injuries suffered in Colorado car accidents is TBI, or traumatic brain injury. TBI does not describe just one injury, but a category of injury that encompasses several specific types of damages to the brain. The particular type of traumatic brain injury could determine the symptoms the patient experiences, as...
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Headaches After Car Accident

October 14, 2019
Car accidents cause millions of personal injuries each year. A vehicle collision could cause a range of injuries, from broken bones to internal organ damage. One of the most significant – and common – car accident injuries is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A TBI could affect a victim’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing....
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What Are Secondary Brain Injuries?

October 1, 2019
Brain injuries are some of the most serious personal injuries that can arise in accidents. The brain is a highly complex organ that can suffer myriad damages in even a seemingly simple incident. A secondary brain injury is a common issue victims may suffer after experiencing concussions or other initial brain injuries. It causes...
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