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Does Colorado Workers’ Comp Cover Mental Stress?

December 9, 2021
Many people suffer mental stress related to their jobs. If the stress or psychological harm is due to exacerbating workplace conditions – including harassment, discrimination, hostility or abuse – the worker could recover benefits through a workers’ compensation claim in Colorado. If something connected to your job leaves you with severe anxiety or depression...
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Is It Illegal to Ride a Bike on a Sidewalk in Colorado?

November 26, 2021
Whether or not bicyclists are allowed to use sidewalks has been a longstanding debate in many cities. To pedestrians, a bike on a sidewalk presents a hazard, as they may get knocked down by a careless cyclist. To bicyclists, riding on a sidewalk is a safer alternative to sharing the road with motor vehicles....
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How to Safely Share the Road With Bicyclists

November 22, 2021
As a motor vehicle driver, you have a responsibility for the safety of those that you share the road with – especially vulnerable road users such as bicyclists and pedestrians. In Colorado, statistics for the latest year state that 16 bicyclists died in motor vehicle accidents. You may have the power to prevent a...
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Safety Tips for Reducing Bicycle Accidents in Parking Lots and Intersections

November 19, 2021
Bicyclists are at risk of getting struck by motor vehicle drivers in many circumstances. Two of the most dangerous locations for bicycle accidents, however, are parking lots and intersections. In these places, motor vehicle drivers may not notice bicyclists or respect their rights. In other cases, a biker may break the rules and be...
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Colorado Bicycle Laws

November 15, 2021
Before you ride a bicycle in Colorado, it is important to know all state and municipal laws that apply to you. Breaking these rules can expose you to an increased risk of accidents. Understanding Colorado’s bicycle laws can also allow you to recognize when a motor vehicle driver has violated your right as a...
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