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Workers’ Compensation for Depression and Anxiety

September 20, 2019
When you think about workers’ compensation, you probably imagine injuries such as bone fractures or concussions. You may not recognize nonphysical injuries as compensable damages until something happens at work that leaves you with serious depression or anxiety. Damage to your mental health can be as crippling as a physical injury. If something work-related...
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Do I Have To Pay Taxes on Workers’ Comp?

September 16, 2019
Once you secure workers’ compensation benefits for your serious injury, you may think the days of navigating the laws in Colorado are over. Yet once tax season rolls around, you might find yourself with questions about your settlement all over again. Finding out if you have to pay taxes on workers’ comp is an...
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Back To School Safety Tips

September 13, 2019
The back to school season is a busy one for thousands of families in Colorado. It marks the return of school buses, field trips, carpools and playgrounds. Yet it is also a dangerous time for kids. Unfortunately, reckless drivers, lack of crosswalks and negligent groundskeepers could all put your child in jeopardy this school...
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What Is a Demand Letter?

September 12, 2019
A demand letter could be the solution to resolving your personal injury claim or legal dispute. A demand letter lays out your desires with the goal of striking a compromise with the other person involved in your dispute. A successful demand letter can achieve a settlement, or an out-of-court agreement between you and the...
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Colorado Trucking Regulations

August 30, 2019
The State of Colorado takes the safety of its commercial trucking industry seriously. State lawmakers have enacted multiple rules, restrictions and requirements to help improve truck safety and decrease the risk of accidents. In addition to Colorado’s trucking regulations, truckers and truck companies must also obey national rules under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety...
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