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Denver Light Rail Accident Attorney

A light rail is defined as a railroad constructed for light traffic. The Regional Transportation District (RTD) provides light rail services to people in a service area that includes Denver and seven other counties. Although public transportation is generally a safe and economical way to travel, light rail accidents can and do happen.

If you have been injured in a light rail accident, contact Fang Law Firm as soon as possible. Our Denver light rail accident attorneys are committed to pursuing the compensation you deserve.

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Why You Need an Attorney

Light rail accidents require a thorough investigation to determine liability. In most cases involving derailment or a train crash, the Colorado Department of Transportation will conduct a detailed investigation. There may be different entities responsible for operating the train or maintaining the tracks and more than one potentially liable party. As light rail accident cases are so complicated, it is in your best interests to have an experienced Denver light rail accident lawyer by your side.

Colorado Light Rail Data

As stated by RTD, the Regional Transportation District was created by the Colorado General Assembly in 1969 to provide a mass transportation system to benefit 2.92 million people. RTD’s service area is a 2,342 square mile district including all or part of the following eight counties:

  • Adams
  • Arapahoe
  • Boulder
  • Broomfield
  • Denver
  • Douglas
  • Jefferson
  • Weld

The RTD light rail system includes:

  • 172 total vehicles
  • 5 miles of track
  • 54 active stations

Common Causes of Light Rail Accidents

Light rail accidents can cause serious injuries or death. This type of crash can injure light rail commuters, motor vehicle occupants, pedestrians, and transit workers. Common causes include:

  • Engineer distraction: Operator distraction, including texting or talking on a cell phone, is a safety threat in light rails as well as automobiles.
  • Engineer error: Many train wrecks are caused by simple operator error, including traveling too fast or running through a red signal.
  • Track defects: Railroad tracks must be properly maintained to compensate for tremendous wear and tear. Tracks should be tested regularly and replaced as needed.
  • Equipment failure: Defective train parts can malfunction and cause accidents.
  • Signal or switch malfunction: When a train track signal malfunctions and fails to alert the engineer, it can lead to a deadly crash.
  • Railroad crossing malfunctions: Crossing gates and lights that fail to activate can cause serious or fatal accidents.

Who Is Liable?

Liability in a light rail accident will depend on the circumstance and how the accident occurred. For example, if it was caused by defective or malfunctioning equipment, you may have a claim against the manufacturer. If you were injured as a light rail passenger, motorist, or pedestrian by the negligence or recklessness of light rail service providers, you may have a claim for compensation under the law.

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