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Denver Failure to Cooperate Attorney

Insurance companies are in business to make a profit and have their own best interests at heart. Alleging that a consumer failed to cooperate with the insurer is one strategy to avoid paying claims. If you have been accused of failing to cooperate, contact Fang Law Firm today. Our Denver failure to cooperate attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies.

Why Choose Our Firm?

  • Our Denver failure to cooperate lawyers have more than a decade of experience litigating over 10,000 combined cases with a success rate of 98%.
  • We get proven results.
  • We do not employ legal assistants or paralegals. All our cases are handled by experienced attorneys who are willing to give you their undivided attention.
  • Our Denver personal injury lawyers operate on a contingency-fee basis, which means you pay us no legal fees until we settle or win your case.

Why You Need a Lawyer

In some cases, the insurance company may deny your claim. They may falsely allege you failed to cooperate as a basis when you actually responded by doing what the insurer requested of you. If this occurs, you need the assistance of a Denver bad faith insurance attorney.

What Is Failure to Cooperate?

When you contact your insurance company to file a claim, there are obligations for both the insurer and the policyholder. The insurance company is required to act in good faith, address your claim, and issue benefits in a timely manner. On the other hand, you have a legal duty to cooperate with the insurance company regarding your claim. There is a written requirement included in every insurance policy stating that the claimant must cooperate with the insurer on presentation and evaluation of the claim. If you fail to do so, the insurance company has the right to deny coverage.

What If You Are Dealing with Someone Else’s Insurance Company?

As Colorado is now an at-fault state. Car accident victims must turn to the at-fault driver’s insurance company to recover damages. Filing a claim with another driver’s insurer does not carry the same obligations as filing with your own insurance company. You are not required under the law to cooperate with the insurance company in this case.

When speaking with someone else’s insurer, do not lie, but feel free to withhold information, turn down settlement offers, and refuse to give recorded statements – in fact, we recommend you do so. You have that right as a claimant who is not a policyholder of that insurance provider. Although the other party’s insurance company cannot hold a failure to cooperate against you, they can use what you say against you as a reason to deny or reduce your claim.

When Is Failure to Cooperate Legitimate?

Failure to cooperate may be legitimate when a policyholder is not forthcoming with requested information after filing a claim for an accident or another incident. The best way to prevent having your claim denied is to provide what your insurer asks for without unnecessary delay. Promptly giving the insurance company the information it needs can make the claims process go faster and smoother.

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If you have been accused of failing to cooperate and you believe your insurance company is acting in bad faith, contact Fang Law Firm right away. Our Denver failure to cooperate attorneys are zealous advocates for victims of insurance bad faith.