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Pedestrian Accidents in Denver are often very serious, and the injuries can be life threatening and costly to treat. Not only must the victim manage his or her physical injuries, they may have emotional trauma as well. The task of getting and staying healthy after a pedestrian accident is difficult, and it can become overwhelming when legal matters are considered. However, a Denver Pedestrian Accident Attorney can ensure that the victim does not go through the process alone. Below are a few tips on finding the right attorney for a pedestrian injury case.

Find an Attorney Who Handles Similar Cases in the Area

There are many personal injury lawyers in the Denver area, but not all can effectively represent pedestrian auto accident victims. Clients should find an attorney who has handled similar cases before, and they should look for a lawyer who has the confidence necessary to take on the new case. It is vital to find an attorney who is licensed to practice in Colorado, as this ensures the lawyer knows the state's traffic laws.

Ask for Recommendations

No lawyer is perfect and it is impossible to please everyone. With that said, victims should not underestimate the importance of good word-of-mouth and positive recommendations from those they know. If a family member, coworker or friend offers a positive opinion of an attorney, the plaintiff should look into the firm a little more closely.

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Look for an Attorney Offering Free Consultations

Ambiguity about attorneys' fees is never a good thing, and clients should use the initial consultation to determine how much the lawyer charges. Most reliable personal injury firms will offer a free initial consultation where the attorney can assess the case and determine whether the relationship would be a good fit. If a victim finds a law firm that does not offer low-cost or free preliminary consultations, they should take the case elsewhere.

Be Wary of Guarantees

Lawyers make occasional mistakes and a positive outcome is not guaranteed. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, only 60% of Pedestrian Accidents result in successful claims. While potential clients should avoid attorneys who never win cases, they should keep in mind that the lawyer's history and the dollar amount of all settlements is not fully indicative of the quality of service. When a lawyer is honest with the client it indicates that they are focused on helping people.

Not all Pedestrian Accidents Result in a Lawsuit

This factor points to trust and honesty on the attorney's part. Not all accident cases go to court, and in some cases a lawsuit is not necessary. Litigation is time-consuming and expensive, and a pedestrian accident attorney won't waste a client's time or money just to take a case to court when a pretrial settlement would be just as effective. A personal injury lawyer will honestly assess the merits of the case and see the client as a person and not a dollar amount.

Even though there are many personal injury attorneys in the Denver area, not all can easily handle pedestrian accidents. Victims should not handle a lawsuit alone and they deserve to find a PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENT ATTORNEY in Denver with whom they are comfortable.