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What Should I Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer?

November 20, 2023

The decision you make when hiring a personal injury lawyer in Denver can affect the rest of your claim – and possibly the rest of your life. It is critical to search for the right attorney to represent you if you or a loved one was hurt due to someone else’s negligence. Look for a personal injury lawyer with the proper experience, skill and dedication to your recovery.

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Experience in Your Practice Area

Not all personal injury law firms are the same. Some focus on specific practice areas, such as car accidents or medical malpractice. The lawyer you select needs to have at least several years of experience in the relevant area of the law. Look for professional experience handling cases involving your type of accident or injuries. Otherwise, you may end up choosing a lawyer who does not have the necessary skill or knowledge to build a strong personal injury case on your behalf.

A Positive Track Record

While no lawyer should guarantee case results or promise that he or she will win your case, look for past success stories and positive client testimonials to ensure the attorney has what it takes to resolve your claim. You should feel confident in your attorney’s ability to negotiate a sizable settlement or take your personal injury case to trial in Colorado, if it comes to this. Look for proof that the attorney’s legal services have been effective for past clients.

Trial Experience

Most personal injury claims do not go to trial. Insurance settlements are generally preferred by both parties, as they take less time and cost less money than court trials. However, there is always a possibility that your case will need to go to court to achieve the best possible outcome. Look for a qualified trial attorney with courtroom experience who has attained positive jury verdicts before. Choosing a trial lawyer can show an insurance company that you are prepared to go to trial, even if it does not come to this.

Communication Skills

During a free consultation with a prospective personal injury attorney, you should feel that you have the attorney’s full, undivided attention. Do not choose a lawyer who does not have the time to dedicate personal attention to your case. For example, many mill-type law firms accept as many cases as they can and pass them out to paralegals or assistants. You should feel like a priority to your attorney. This includes a level of communication with your lawyer that you are comfortable with; you should never feel left in the dark about your case.

Reasonable Fees

Do not be afraid to ask an attorney directly about his or her legal fees. It is important to understand how much you will be paying the lawyer for his or her services. Find a law firm that accepts cases on a contingency fee basis for the greatest financial peace of mind. These law firms do not charge for their services unless and until the lawyer wins the case. If your lawyer doesn’t win, you won’t pay. If the case does result in a settlement or verdict, the law firm will deduct fees directly from the settlement or judgment collected.

A Personal Connection

You deserve an attorney who feels connected to you and your case. Your lawyer should take the time to get to know you, listen to your story and understand your case goals. You should feel that your attorney is compassionate and cares about what happens to you and your family. You may be physically injured and emotionally vulnerable after a serious accident in Colorado. Find an attorney who handles cases with the respect, care and attention they require.

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