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Colorado Jaywalking Laws

August 7, 2020
Walking the streets of Colorado can be dangerous for many reasons. One of the most common hazards is negligent drivers. Drivers often do not pay enough attention to the road, distracted by cellphones, food or passengers. This increases the chances of a driver failing to see a pedestrian and causing a life-threatening accident. Pedestrians,...
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Colorado Good Samaritan Act

February 28, 2020
Being a good Samaritan means to help others without any expectation of a reward. It is an unselfish act, usually toward strangers, that could make a big difference during a crisis such as an auto accident. Unfortunately, many people have chosen to stop being good Samaritans for fear of being liable for a victim’s...
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Personal Injury Lawsuit Process

February 19, 2020
It is normal to have questions, concerns or anxiety over the personal injury lawsuit process as a claimant. You may have never seen the civil justice system firsthand from the position of plaintiff. Hiring an injury lawyer can give you peace of mind at every stage of the process, lending you an experienced professional...
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Colorado Dash Cam Laws

February 12, 2020
Dashboard cameras have become much more popular in the average vehicle as prices for this technology continue to drop. Dash cams can provide important video footage of a car accident – evidence that may help the vehicle owner prove the other driver’s fault. A dash cam could also record things happening inside the cab...
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Colorado Window Tint Laws

December 30, 2019
Window tint is a great way to increase a vehicle’s privacy and achieve better temperature control. If the owner of the vehicle goes too dark with tinting, however, the window tint could be breaking the law in Colorado. Like most states, Colorado state law has rules for how opaque window tint may be. Using...
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