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Colorado Springs Delivery Vehicle Accident Lawyer

The Colorado Springs delivery driver accident attorneys at Fang Law Firm represent injured clients in delivery truck accident cases. They know that that multiple defendants and insurance companies are often involved in these matters, which adds to their legal complexity. If you have been injured in an accident with a commercial truck, an experienced injury attorney in Colorado Springs can help you navigate the legal process to pursue financial compensation from the responsible party.

Today there are more delivery vehicles on our highways and local roadways than ever before, and unfortunately, accidents with these large trucks are not uncommon. Commercial trucks are subject to many state and federal requirements and regulations, making delivery truck accidents more complex than other types of car accident cases.

How a Colorado Springs Delivery Driver Accident Attorney Can Help

Our Colorado Springs delivery vehicle accident attorneys have more than a decade of experience representing clients in all types of car accident cases, including delivery truck accidents. They know the legal intricacies involved with commercial vehicle accidents, and they deliver high-quality legal advocacy for every client.

We know that truck accidents often result in severe and sometimes devastating injuries. Our truck accident attorneys in Colorado Springs are compassionate and aggressive. They know that you and your family may be having a difficult time in the aftermath of the accident. They will handle your case with the respect that you and your family deserve while aggressively pursuing your accident claim.

We know that you may be facing steep medical bills and other stressors after a delivery truck accident, and we want to relieve your burdens as much as possible. Our Colorado Springs delivery vehicle accident lawyers offer free consultations and case evaluations. They also take their personal injury cases on contingency so that you do not have to pay any attorneys’ fees until you have been compensated for your injuries and damages.

Building Your Delivery Vehicle Accident Case

As mentioned above, commercial truck accident cases are unique in that they are subject to rules and regulations that do not apply to regular non-commercial car accident cases. Our Colorado Springs accident lawyers will meet with you to discuss your claim and conduct an investigation to build your case.

In addition to reviewing accident reports and speaking with witnesses, our delivery driver accident attorneys will gather important information from the delivery truck company, such as driving logs, maintenance records, and delivery driver training practices. Evidence of negligence and non-compliance with these federal and state regulations can be used to strengthen your claim.

Calculating Your Injuries And Damages After a Delivery Accident

If you have been seriously injured in a truck accident, you likely have losses beyond property damage and medical bills. In addition to medical bills, future medical expenses should also be included if your injuries will require future medical care. If your injuries were serious enough that you had to miss work, lost wages can be included as well.

If you cannot return to work in the same capacity you worked before you were injured due to long-term or permanent injuries, your compensation may include loss of earning capacity. Emotional damages may also be available for pain and suffering and mental anguish. When auto accident injuries are fatal, family members of the deceased may have a wrongful death claim for compensation for their losses.

Contact a Colorado Springs Delivery Vehicle Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured in a delivery truck accident in Colorado Springs, contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation. At Fang Law Firm, we will meet with you in person or over the phone to go over the accident, losses that you suffered, and explore your legal recovery options. We can help accident victims recover fair compensation for their injuries.