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Longmont Personal Injury Attorney

Many accidents in Longmont and throughout Colorado are preventable. If you have serious injuries and related losses, including medical bills or property damage, because of someone else’s negligence, contact a Longmont personal injury lawyer from Fang Law Firm to request a free consultation. You may be eligible to file a personal injury claim in Longmont to pursue financial compensation for your losses.

Why Choose Us

  • Our personal injury attorneys have more than a decade of legal experience. In that time, we have maintained a 98 percent settlement rate while handling over 10,000 cases.
  • We will provide personal care and attention throughout every phase of your personal injury case. We are selective and intentional in the cases we accept in Longmont.
  • Your attorney will handle your personal injury case directly; Fang Law Firm never passes clients off to legal assistants or paralegals.
  • We accept personal injury clients on a contingency fee basis, meaning you won’t pay anything up front to retain your attorney. Our Longmont injury lawyers only charge for cases they win.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Longmont

Having a personal injury lawyer represent you during a case gives you an edge you otherwise would not have. An insurance company is more likely to take your case seriously and treat you fairly if you hire an attorney – allowing you to maximize your compensatory award. This can be extremely important for your recovery if you have serious injuries that will require future medical care, such as rehabilitative therapy. You can focus on your medical treatments while an attorney takes care of complex legal matters on your behalf.

Types of Cases We Accept

At Fang Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys have experience handling cases involving both common and uncommon types of accidents. Some of the most frequent reasons for personal injury cases in Colorado are:

We accept all of these case types and more. If you or a loved one has been injured in any type of accident in Longmont, don’t hesitate to discuss the details of filing a claim with our attorneys.

What Is Necessary to Prove a Case?

If you have reason to believe someone else caused the accident that gave you a serious injury, that party may be responsible for your losses. Before you can recover monetary damages, however, your lawyer will typically need to prove the defendant’s negligence as more likely to be true than not true. This is called a preponderance of the evidence.

Proving negligence in personal injury law requires clear and convincing evidence of four main elements:

  1. Someone (the defendant) owed you a duty of care. This is the legal term for an obligation to treat you in a reasonable manner.
  2. The defendant failed to meet the accepted duty of care. In other words, the defendant was negligent.
  3. The defendant’s negligent, reckless or careless act (or failure to act) is what caused or contributed to your injury.
  4. You have compensable losses you can claim because of the defendant’s breach of duty, such as medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

An attorney can help you establish these four elements during your case. Your Longmont personal injury lawyer will search for evidence of fault in the form of photographs, videos, eyewitness statements, reports and medical records to support your claim. With this information, your lawyer can pursue maximum financial compensation from the defendant on your behalf.

Request Your Free Consultation in Longmont, Colorado Today

At Fang Law Firm, we are passionate about representing the injured during insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits in Longmont, Colorado. Our Longmont personal injury attorneys believe every injured accident victim deserves to have his or her voice heard in the civil justice system. We are committed to obtaining fair results and helping victims heal along the way.

Discuss how our lawyers can help you after an accident in more detail today. Request a free consultation in Longmont at (720) 379-6363 or using our online system.