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"Remington Fang is a very knowledgeable trustworthy Attorney. He has helped me in so many ways, gave me wonderful advice, calmed my nerves, and walked me through my options. I highly recommend him!! Even after my case was handed back to me he still answered any question I had and answered them with no regard to himself. Thank you so much for everything Remington. " Shyanne
"Remington helped my wife and I with injuries sustained in a multi-car accident.  At first i thought I would be able to deal with the insurance companies without legal representation, but quickly found out that these companies will only respond to experience and demands.  Remington was able to step in after my efforts and fix the situation.  He took the time to understand the case, our injuries, and how the accident  affected us.  After a few conversations he has us ready to proceed with our case and he made sure to communicate to us what reasonable and average expectations for the outcome of the case would be.  I will recommend Remington to anyone I have the opportunity to.  " Jonathan
"Remington did a great job for me.  He reduced my court fees significantly and seemed to be well liked by the prosecuter.  He got me off the hook in Jeffco.  " Joseph
"In 2003, I was involved in a high speed MVA involving a head-on collision on I-25.  The other driver in this instance was found to be 100% at fault.  I hired Remington to help me retain the past, and future medical expenses incurred as a result of the accident.  Remington did an excellent job in helping me to guage realistic expectations for settlement, while maintaining a high level of integrity in how he approached the lawsuit.  That said, Remington was successful in retaining more than was expected.  Remington is a sharp, observant, and determined in how he approaches his work; he is also very kind and helpful in navigating an otherwise stressful process.  I would recommend Remington for hire as an attorney under any similar circumstances moving forward.  " Ryan
"Remington is a fantastic attorney and his honesty, candor and attention to detail are a perfect combination for success. He was able to highlight the strengths of my case and turn the opposition’s misrepresentation of the facts into positives. He does not succumb to the insurance company’s dirty tactics and fights back through a layer of velvet. Thanks to him we were able to go to trial and maintain the value of our case. We recovered a more just amount, which was many times over the amount they were willing to offer! I highly recommend him to friends, family or anyone seeking a PI attorney!!! " Paolo
"Remington was a shred negotiator and got me a very good settlement. He was always easy to get a hold off and return my calls and emails very promptly. " Jon
"Hi I want everyone to know that I had the best attorney Remington Fang!! I felt that he cared that he would fight for me and was honest and up front and those were things I needed after my accident!! Ask for Remington if you can you will be happy because he is an attorney you can trust. " Kathy
"I can't say enough about how much Remington helped us! His guidance, defense, and confidence helped me to relax and put my full trust into his experience and thoughts about what the opposing lawyers were thinking and how they were going to approach us. It was a very different story once he stepped in, compared to when we were trying to speak with them by ourselves. I am actually afraid to think of what would have happened to us if it weren't for our knowledgeable counsel--I know that it would have been a horrible experience and would have contributed to my view of the world. It surely would have darkened my skies and perspective on what happens to folks not at fault in car accidents. I thank my lucky stars for people like Remington who represent and come to the defense of hard-working people like my husband and myself. Your time and dedication to your profession is truly appreciated! Thank you! " Elisha
"Remington did an excellent job handling our cases. We had other issues involved in our cases that he had not encountered before but was more than willing to learn about what was needed to get our cases settled quickly and efficiently. He was very thorough and was always in contact with us about everything involving our cases. " Bruce
"I was satisfied beyond my expectations with the legal service provide by Mr. Fang. He was always easy to reach on the phone in a reasonable amount of time and he was great at answering all of my questions. I give my highest recommendation! " Lori
"I hired Remington after an insurance company offered me a very low amount in which the other party was completely at fault. Remington agreed we had a case and set to work for me.  When I had questions or concerns, he always answered them and reassured me. Even if there was a question in which he needed other opinions, he reached out to other lawyers in the firm and I always felt I was given the best advice in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Remington as the lawyer to retain for any legal needs. " Lisa
"I would recommend Remington to family and friends. He handled my case against my insurance company in regard to an accident. He kept me informed, was knowledgeable and made the situation that much easier to deal with. He listened to my concerns and was easy to communicate with. He negotiated a reasonable settlement and helped me to have a clear understanding of my options and gave the facts I needed to make the right decisions . " Bogdan

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