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Seattle Rear-End Accident Lawyer

Seattle Rear-End Accident Attorney

Rear-end collisions are terrifying. Often, the victims in the front vehicle never see the rear vehicle coming so they cannot brace for impact. Over 17% of two-car collisions are rear-end accidents resulting in hundreds of thousands of injuries and an average of 3,400 deaths each year. Rear-end accidents in Seattle are a common problem due to high traffic volume and congested roadways.

Injuries in rear-end collisions can have devastating impacts, including whiplash injuries—the most common rear-end accident injury. In such distressing circumstances, the guidance and support of a proficient personal injury law firm become crucial. The Seattle rear-end accident lawyer at the Fang Law Firm specializes in handling rear-end collision cases, helping victims navigate the legal complexities and secure the compensation they deserve.

Their dedicated Seattle auto accident attorneys works tirelessly to ensure that victims receive comprehensive care and fair settlements, allowing them to focus on recovery without the added stress of legal battles.

Why Do Rear-End Accidents Happen in Seattle?

A rear-end collision is most commonly the fault of the driver in the rear since they have the duty to remain alert and vigilant to the traffic directly in front of their vehicle and stop in time to avoid a collision. Less commonly, the front vehicle could be at fault if they have unrepaired brake lights, slam on their brakes for a passing animal or a hazard in the road, or if they are aggressively brake-checking the driver in the rear. Common causes of rear-end accidents in Seattle include the following:

  • Distracted driving: texting, setting a GPS, scrolling through social media, eating, or applying makeup behind the wheel can result in a rear-end collision while the driver’s attention is not on the road
  • Tailgating: failing to leave adequate space between vehicles or following too closely can cause a rear-end collision
  • Drowsy driving: drivers who are fatigued or dozing behind the wheel may fail to stop in time to avoid a collision
  • Speeding: driving at high speed requires longer stopping times, sometimes resulting in a rear-end collision

In some cases, a rear-end collision could result from defective brakes, a faulty brake repair job, or defective tail lights on the front vehicle. Slippery road conditions or weather conditions with poor visibility can also cause rear-end collisions.

What Types of Injuries Result from Rear-End Collisions?

The crash force in a rear-end collision has a powerful jolt that propels the body forward against the seatbelt and then snaps it back against the seat. The weight of a victim’s head snapping forward and back can cause multiple types of trauma, including the brain bumping against the inside of the skull, and overextension of the neck. Common injuries include the following:

  • Whiplash and other neck injuries
  • Back injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Fractures including of the ribs, clavicle, hips, pelvis, and limbs
  • Knee injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Thoracic injuries/internal organ damage

Some rear-end collisions become multi-car accidents; for instance, if the blow from behind pushes the front vehicle into an intersection.

Why You Need a Rear-End Accident Attorney in Seattle

Insurance companies often dispute injury claims in rear-end accidents. Despite whiplash having very real symptoms, including pain and disability, insurance companies profess skepticism and often assert that a victim’s doctor-recommended treatment isn’t necessary. A rear-end collision lawyer in Seattle will defend a client’s rights against common insurance company tactics like offering fast, early settlements before the injury victim knows the full extent of their damages, or calling on a recorded line and using the victim’s words out of context against them later. An attorney from Fang Law Firm will perform an in-depth investigation into the collision, document evidence of liability, and make a compelling case for compensation.

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