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Another Dog Attacked My Dog

Were you out on a walk or at a dog park when another dog attacked your dog? Nothing is scarier than a dog attacking your furry friend, unprovoked. Unprovoked dog attacks can result in severe injuries to you and your pet. You may be wondering where you go from here and who can be held accountable? A Seattle dog bite attorney can help.

The Fang Law firm is Here for You

  • 98 percent success rate. We have won 98 percent of our 10,000 litigation cases.
  • 24/7 attorney support. We won’t pass you off to our support staff like other dog bite attorney law firms.
  • No up-front costs. We work on contingency so you won’t pay unless we win.

Recover Financially from the At-Fault Dog Owner

Veterinary care and emergency services for animals can amount in the thousands of dollars. Additionally, many attacks are fatal for the victim of the attack. How can you get the care you need for your beloved animal Washington is a strict liability state which means that the attacking dog owner is liable for any injuries that result from their dog’s actions. A Seattle personal injury attorney can help you submit a claim through the dog owner’s home insurance policy.

An attorney can help you with the following throughout the claims process:

  • Handle all communications with the insurer
  • Respond to all requests for more information from the insurer
  • Gather evidence to support your insurance claim including collecting witness statements
  • Dog bite scene recreation

Having a dog bite attorney represent you throughout the insurance claim process will show the insurance company that you’re serious. Insurance companies will do everything they can to limit or reduce your settlement amount. They know that your furry friend is suffering and you’ll do anything to help them recover. Insurance companies will take advantage of your vulnerable state and convince you to take a settlement amount that is less than you deserve. An attorney can combat those underhanded tactics and get you the settlement amount you deserve.

Washington’s Dangerous Dog Statute

Washington state has criminalized a dog attacking another dog. Under RCW 16.08.070, any dog, unprovoked, that bites a human or another domestic animal on public or private property is a dangerous dog. The dog can be confiscated and severe penalties can be assessed to the owner if the dog is classified as a dangerous dog.

Injuries that Result from Unprovoked Dog on Dog Attacks

Unprovoked, dog on dog, attacks can result in mild to severe injuries to your furry friend. The most common we see, include:

  • Lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Eye injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Death

These injuries can also result in large, unmanageable vet bills. A dog bite attorney can help you recover from the at-fault party.

Dog Attack Defenses

The attacking dog owner can present various defenses to combat your claim such as trespassing or provocation. If the dog owner successfully proves that you and your dog were trespassing or provoked the attacking dog, your claim for recovery could be denied. A dog bite attorney can gather evidence to combat the attacking dog owner’s defenses.

Fang Law Firm Can Help

We have decades of experience in accident litigation. We have dealt with thousands of insurance companies. We know the underhanded tactics that they use and we are skilled in combating them. Our attorneys will work hard to gather and present evidence to the insurance company that will make it impossible to refute your claim. Call us today at (206) 489-5140 for a free case consultation. One of our knowledgeable attorneys is standing by to review your case and chart a path to financial recovery. We will fight hard for you throughout the entire claims process.

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