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Truck Accident Attorney in Denver

If a friend or family member is in a trucking accident, hiring a Denver truck accident attorney can ensure the victim receives full compensation for their injuries. However, not all attorneys are created equal, and finding the right one can be difficult. Read on to find some tips to simplify the selection process. The attorneys at The Fang Law Firm have handled high profile trucking accident cases and will take the right steps to preserve the information needed to properly pursue your case against the trucking company.  

Get Recommendations From Others

When choosing an attorney, ask friends, family members, and coworkers for recommendations. Victims and their families should consider the fact commercial trucking accidents are very different from conventional auto accidents, and they should work to find an attorney who focuses on Truck Accidents Denver. Other than friends and family, an accident victim can ask his or her physical therapist or family attorney for referrals. Attorneys have professional networks and therapists work with many accident victims, putting them in a position to make recommendations.

Do Some Basic Research

Once the victim or their family has a few recommendations, it is time to learn a bit about each accident attorney on the list. The Internet is a valuable resource to use during the selection process. Start on the attorney's website to determine their credentials and experience. In many instances, one can find information on the lawyer's history with similar cases. While an attorney's history will not guarantee a positive outcome, it will provide the plaintiff with an idea of the attorney's competence.

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Read Reviews

During the research phase, it is a good idea to check consumer review sites. When choosing a truck accident lawyer in Colorado, consider not only their star rating but what past clients are saying as well. Sometimes, an accident victim may offer a negative review because of an unfavorable verdict even if the lawyer did the best they could.

Interview Attorneys

Once the list is narrowed to at least three candidates, call each lawyer to schedule an initial consultation. During a phone or in-office interview, the potential client can explain the case in detail and learn whether the attorney can help. Clients should be ready to discuss fees and to answer some difficult questions.

Make a Hiring Decision

The last step in the process is to decide which attorney will handle the case. Clients and families should make decisions based on their experiences and on their general impressions of each attorney. The attorney/client relationship is a highly personal one, and clients should choose a lawyer with whom they can build trust and communicate openly.