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Protect Yourself from False Advertising and Poor Quality Control

Technology and innovation have brought hundreds of thousands of products to store shelves and websites, and all of them readily available to the public. We choose which of these are worthy of being brought into our lives based on the needs they're designed to fulfill, recommendations from peers, and marketing claims. Some exceed our expectations while others fall short, but a few can actually be dangerous or deadly. If you've fallen victim to such a situation, a Product Liability Attorney may be able to help.From household cleaning solutions to high-end digital devices, thousands of everyday products have caused serious bodily injuries or the loss of life. Most product liability cases fall into one of three categories, and each is geared toward a specific link in the supply chain and covered by a distinct set of laws.

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  • Design Defects: In these types of cases, a Defective products attorney is tasked with proving mistakes were made during the design phase and affect an entire line of products. Some widely publicized design defects include certain models of vehicles and cribs.

  • Manufacturing Defects: Moving further down the product pyramid, manufacturing defects occur during the production stage. They typically apply to only a few products rather than a series as a whole. Fault would lie with those readying the product for distribution instead of the company responsible for its initial creation.

  • Inadequate Warnings or Instructions: Claims in this genre revolve around failing to properly warn consumers of potential dangers associated with a product or not providing thorough instructions on its use.

Colorado's Consumer Protection Act, as well as other guidelines by which designers, manufacturers, and marketers are required to abide, serve as a shield against false advertising, insufficient testing, poor quality control measures, and other issues you might face in today's growing market. These also cover dangerous medications and faulty medical devices. When those products meant to improve health and quality of life have the opposite effect, a Dangerous drugs attorney steps in to battle pharmaceutical companies' shortcomings.

Seeking justice in a defective product case typically means facing multi-million dollar corporations and their legal teams in court. The litigation process could stretch on for months or even years. A product liability lawyer can turn the odds in your favor, ensuring you receive compensation for your injuries and potentially protecting thousands of others from being harmed by design and manufacturing flaws or misrepresentation.