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Workplace injuries are all too common, and when employers or insurance carriers deny or minimize a claim they can be catastrophic. Most workers in Colorado are entitled to compensation after being injured on the job, but obtaining legal representation is, in some cases, the only way to obtain those benefits. While injured workers must follow specific steps to obtain benefits, no covered employee should be denied coverage.

What Types of Injuries are Covered?

As a rule, virtually every injury suffered while an employee is actively engaged in their duties is covered. If there is ever a question about the validity of a claim, an injured worker is strongly advised to contact a WORKERS COMPENSATION ATTORNEY for advice. While the majority of employers and insurance carriers are likely to cover claims without issues, there are simply times when questions arise about where and how an injury occurred. Although most people associate the idea of a workplace injury with blue collar professions, office workers and other white collar workers are also injured and entitled to workers compensation benefits.


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Are All Injuries Treated the Same Way Under the Law?

Most injuries are temporary in nature, and the workers will, at some point, be able to resume their duties. However, there are also injuries requiring long-term care or that don't allow the victim to ever return to the same type of work. A WORKERS COMPENSATION ATTORNEY works closely with clients and medical professionals to determine when they have reached maximum medical improvement, or MMI. The laws related to how injuries are classified and what benefits are allowed can get complicated, suggesting it's always a good idea to contact a Workers Comp attorney when the nature of any workplace injury creates permanent restrictions on the types of jobs a worker will be able to perform in the future.

If any issues arise between a worker and his employer or the workers compensation carrier after an injury, seeking legal assistance is a must. By contacting a WORKERS COMPENSATION ATTORNEY Denver, the injured worker will be assured of protection under the state's laws. Even minor injuries should always be documented and reported to protect a worker in the event complications develop, and any questions about what to do after a workplace injury can be directed to a workers compensation lawyer. When problems arise as a result of an on-the-job injury, there is no one better to have in your corner.