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Based on information from the Colorado Department of Transportation, traffic fatalities surged 11.7 percent from 2014 to 2015 with a total of 545 souls lost during that time frame. Recently, 2016's roadway casualties had already surpassed 250, potentially setting the pace for another record-breaking year. If you or a loved one is injured in an accident because of another driver's carelessness, contacting an Auto Accident Attorney may greatly improve your chances of receiving compensation for the resulting losses and expenses.  The attorneys at The Fang Law Firm have handled thousands of Auto Accident cases and have recovered nearly $25,000,000 in settlements and jury verdicts for their clients. 

Common Factors in Vehicle Accidents

Alcohol and other influential substances contributed to just over 30 percent of Colorado's deadly wrecks according to the CDOT's reports from last year. Excessive speed is also a well-known causative factor in injuries and fatalities. Over the last decade, driver distractions have become an increasingly significant force where accidents are concerned. Though cell phones fall into this category, dialing through radio stations and arguing with modern GPS technology play a role in drawing drivers' attentions away from where they should be. Failing to have routine maintenance performed also has a way of leading to serious or fatal crashes.

The Burden of Proof

No matter how extensive your injuries may be, simply stating the other driver is to blame isn't going to hold up in court. The burden of proof is on your shoulders, but a Denver car accident lawyer will carry this load for you. Law enforcement officials must be called to the scene of any traffic incident resulting in injuries and property damage. At the same time, they're required to generate reports based on your account of the event as well as those of the other driver, any passengers involved and witnesses to the accident. Those police reports will likely be a fruitful starting point for your legal team.

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A Denver Auto Accident Lawyer must successfully prove the objects of your claim were brought about by the accident in question. The defendant's legal representative could easily insist your vehicle was damaged beforehand, your injuries were sustained prior to the accident and the medical bills for which you're seeking compensation are not the responsibility of the other driver. To combat those allegations and strengthen your case, the attorney will turn to records from the hospital and other facilities providing your treatments. Expert medical and vehicle repair witnesses, as well as a number of other resources, may also come into play.

What Else do I Need to Know about Filing My Accident Claim?

In some cases, drivers make every effort to uphold their duties of care but still aren't able to avoid an accident. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll be held responsible for your own medical expenses and vehicle repairs. Professional and product liabilities are progressively being brought into Denver Car Accident Lawyers' lines of sight. Your attorney may be able to prove accountability for the accident lies with a vehicle manufacturer, maintenance technician, or other agents in the supply chain.

When a driver takes his or her place behind the wheel of a vehicle, a clearly defined set of binding obligations takes hold. Known in the legal world as the duty of reasonable care, all drivers are required to follow the rules of the road and show due consideration for others. Those who fail to do so are said to have breached the duty of reasonable care, making them liable for the consequences of their actions. Your Denver based Auto Accident Lawyer will explore all avenues in order to successfully prove who is to blame for your losses and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.