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Three reasons you need a personal injury attorney for your car accident injury.

In a world where a vast, almost unlimited amount of information is available to each of us via our cell phones, tablets, and computers, it is tempting to DYI or Do It Yourself for many projects such as home repair, website design, even auto mechanics.  Add to this, there is an ever-present onslaught of personal injury attorneys begging for your business on television, radio, at sporting events, and even online.  There are several reasons why, even with all this information, a qualified Denver Personal Injury Attorney is necessary when you have been the victim of a car accident injury, truck accident injury, motorcycle injury, or your family member had a wrongful death or personal injury such as a dog bite.  

The question is not whether you can handle it on your own, the question is whether you should and why you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your injury.

Consultations are generally always free

First off, if you find a personal injury attorney that wants to charge you for an initial consultation, run! And run quickly.  

There are many personal injury attorneys who handle car accident injuries and other types of injuries who will sit down with you, sometimes for an hour or more to discuss your case.  This begs the question: what do you have to lose?  

Many of us, thanks to either bad experiences with lawyers or the stereotypical lawyer on television, have an inherent distrust of lawyers.  Many of us may think, “If I sit down with this lawyer, will he purposefully give me wrong information or twist my arm to sign with him?”  

The answer is; probably not.  While many lawyers will try to give you the hard sell, most lawyers, especially the good personal injury lawyers in Denver and beyond should be able to sit down and tell you about the process and what to expect.  

If a lawyer tries to give you a case estimate, you should consider how a personal injury lawyer can know any of this without examining your medical bills, medical records, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc.  While a lawyer can tell you the type of damages he or she will seek, a lawyer cannot -  and should not - give you an estimate of your case.  This can create unrealistic expectations - both high and low.  

Do yourself a favor, if you find a personal injury attorney who looks qualified, contact them, make sure the consultation is free, and sit down to get a realistic view of what the process will be with or without a personal injury attorney.

Fees are generally always contingency-based

Contingency fees are fees that are, as the same suggests, are contingent on a recovery.  Personal injury attorneys in Denver and beyond who handle these cases will almost always offer a contingent fee.  

Is is profitable?  Yes, otherwise people wouldn’t do it.  

Is it risky for the lawyer? Yes, because most lawyers who practice other areas of the law will ask their clients for a retainer, often thousands of dollars, and will bill by the hour until the retainer is exhausted.  

For example, if you hire a lawyer to dispute a contract, a lawyer could ask for a retainer of $5,000.00.  If the lawyer bills out at $250 an hour, you are pre-paying the lawyer for 20 hours of work.  The lawyer will hold the money in trust and each time they do work on your case, every phone call, email, text, letter, etc., the lawyer will transfer his fee from your retainer money to his or her operating account as earned.

In personal injury cases, a qualified attorney will not bill by the hour, but instead take a portion of whatever is recovered, generally one-third or a bit more.  This allows injured, hard-working Colorado residents to have a lawyer represent them even if they cannot afford to deposit a retainer.  Because the fee is based on a recovery, if you do not obtain a recovery, you do not pay the lawyer.  The good news is that a qualified lawyer will not take your case, and shouldn’t ethically take your case unless they believe that you have a winning case.  

Again, what do you have to lose?

Insurance companies have all of the power (at first)

One question that The Fang Law Firm receives most often is “How long will this take?”

The answer to this question can also answer the question of why, in Denver and all of Colorado, hiring or at least contacting a qualified personal injury attorney is necessary.  The answer is, because the insurance companies have all the power when a case first starts.  Even with a lawyer, an insurance company after a car accident injury, truck accident injury, motorcycle accident injury, or wrongful death can refuse to settle.   They can refuse to offer one cent.  

You and your lawyer can send letters, call, email, even speak to the supervisor, but by law, an insurance company can refuse to pay.  It is a lawsuit, or more appropriately, the threat of a lawsuit, that compels the insurance company to pay good settlements which creates the results you desire.  If you have a lawyer on your side, the insurance company will be less likely to take advantage of you, and if they choose to be unreasonable, they will be faced with a lawsuit that puts everyone on the same schedule under or laws.

Do not let the fear of contacting a qualified personal injury attorney harm your case.  At the very least, you can get a free consultation and decide for yourself whether this is something you wish to pursue on your own or not.